What is a gardening person called?

A person whose hobby or job is growing flowers in a garden is called a gardener. If you want homegrown flowers and vegetables, meet a gardener. A plantman is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardener (amateur or professional), nursery or nursery. Plantsman can refer to a male or female person, although sometimes the terms plantswoman, or even plantsperson, are used.

Sometimes the word is said to be synonymous with botanist or horticulturist, but that would indicate professional participation, while plantsman reflects an attitude towards (and perhaps even an obsession with) plants. A horticulturist may be a planter, but a plantman is not necessarily a horticulturist. Horticulture is a branch of agriculture that deals primarily with the reproduction of plant life. It involves the management and cultivation of gardens and land.

While this career is similar to that of a landscape architect, there are fundamental differences between the two. His first example comes from an issue of the Gardeners' Chronicle of 1881, when it seemed to mean A nursery, a florist (in the primitive sense of florist as a grower and breeder of flowers, rather than the more recent meaning of someone who sells or arranges them). In contrast, adventurous plant hunters such as David Douglas (1799-1883), who dedicated (and lost) his life to finding and collecting plants from nature, were rarely gardeners and rarely cultivated the plants they had collected, so they may not count as planters, despite their great knowledge and dedication. The word gardener was a common surname that began in the 13th century, of the old French gardener and the old garden, orchard or orchard of northern France.

They could also be responsible for planning and organizing landscaping or gardening projects that fit a budget. Landscape architects specialize in designing beautiful designs for private and public gardens or parks. They conduct research in gardening and landscaping, plant propagation, crop production, plant breeding, genetic engineering, plant biochemistry and plant physiology. Influential gardening writers such as William Robinson (1838-193) and garden designer Gertrude Jekyll (1843-193) spread their knowledge of plants through their writings, as did a later generation of plant lovers, such as Margery Fish (1892—196) and Vita Sackville-West (1892-196), whose garden in Sissinghurst.

Castle, created with her husband Harold Nicolson, is now owned by the National Trust and one of Britain's most popular. Reginald Farrer (1880—1920) was a notable plant hunter and influential writer in the most specialized area of alpine plants and rock gardening. If you grow vegetables professionally, they call you a farmer, but if you design, care for or care for a flower garden, you are a gardener.

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