What is the job description of an arborist?

Maintains trees and woody plants to ensure their healthy, safe and attractive condition, including chemical applications, repair, wiring, fertilization, watering, pruning and disposal of any dead, diseased or declining trees or other woody plants. Arborists use hand and power tools to prune, cover, and remove trees. They may specialize in keeping trees healthy, planting trees, or gardening. Arborists can work both in an office, designing park designs or planning new plantations, as well as outdoors, pruning and shaping trees.

Perform arborist functions to clients such as landscaping companies, universities, and gardening companies. All the tasks an arborist handles are associated with tree maintenance. They may be asked to plant new trees or to review a piece of land to ensure that it is optimized for the growth of a particular type of tree. An arborist is responsible for studying tree structures and cultivating them for growth and development as part of environmental conservation efforts.

Arborists perform regular pruning and fertilization, keeping trees away from parasites and other harmful substances. A variety of tools and equipment also operate for efficient and accurate processing. An arborist coordinates with environmental and community organizations to maintain tree health, and recommends activities that help sustain efforts, such as planting and growing trees where desired. Arborists care for trees by fertilizing, pruning and maintaining them.

They plant trees and generally do their best to care for them throughout their lifecycle. They are asked to rescue trees if there is a problem, especially if there is a major phenomenon or tree disease in a given community. This is a specialty that is resorted to, especially in times of need. This free arborist job description sample template can help you attract an innovative and experienced arborist to your company.

While people focus on green living and doing their part to conserve the environment, the job potential of arborists increases significantly. As an arborist, your job will be to perform a variety of tasks related to tree maintenance. Now is a good time to apply, as The Davey Tree Expert Company has 574 job openings for arborists, and there are 167 at Bartlett Tree Experts and 117 at Lewis Tree Service. The drive for green living is expected to only grow stronger, which means more jobs and more potential career advancements for those who work as arborists.

Before obtaining leave, new employees receive on-the-job training in horticulture, arboriculture, and landscaping. In this job, you will be responsible for planting and maintaining a variety of tree species.

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